FREE Design Assistance

It’s like having a personal designer, FREE! Simply send us your logo and describe what you would like it to look like in the comments area. We will create a custom design and upload a proof for your approval.

Quick Turnaround

You can have your cards shipped within our standard 3-5 day turnaround or as quick as 1-2 days for a slight up charge.

Top Quality Printing

Your cards are printed on true 4 color process offset litho printing press. The results are the best color and quality printing on plastic available.

Plastic gift cards are a great way to keep your brand in front of your customers.  Personalized gift cards have a tremendous perceived value compared to gift certificates and customers tend to spend 20% more than the gift card value on average.  Custom plastic cards offer the ease of tracking and have the ability to eliminate tracking purchases by hand.  Plastic Print Solutions manufacturers gift cards for businesses in house.  This affords us the ability to monitor the quality of the customized gift cards as well as turn around.

Custom gift cards for your business have many options.  How do you know if your gift cards need a magnetic stripe, bar code or a sequential/random number?  The options that your cards will need is dependent on the tracking system that you will be using.  Most plastic gift cards are tracked by a Point of Sale (POS) system.  POS systems will typically use either a magnetic stripe or barcode to scan the card for utilization.  Other businesses may use a credit card terminal to track purchases and activation of gift cards.  

Plastic Print Solutions also offers environmental options to print your gift cards.  You may select a recycled PVC or Biodegradeable stock instead of the typical PVC option.  All three options are credit card size and thickness (2 1/8" x 3 3/8" x .30 mil) and give a rigid plastic value feel.  Please contact us with any questions on setting up your plastic printed cards.

How are gift cards printed and what does full color mean?  Plastic Print Solutions uses a printing press to print your cards.  Full color or CMYK is used to make up all the different colors used in a typical print besides white.  If your design includes any color, you will want to select full color.  Almost all gift cards will have a disclaimer on the back of the card that is usually printed in black only.  You do have the option to select a full color back but the cards will cost more with this selection.  Please contact us with any questions regarding printing your gift cards.

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